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Reduce your cyber risk and protect your digital assets with dependable cyber security services and support.

Why choose the Technology Advisory Group for cybersecurity?


Benefit from a tailored protection strategy that addresses your needs with our cyber security company


Achieve and maintain compliance with key industry regulations with guidance from our security experts


Enhance your network security with advanced network administration that proactively prevents intrusion


Avoid falling victim to cyber threats with robust 24/7 monitoring services that cover your entire network


Enjoy complete flexibility over your cyber security with a 30-day opt-out clause after your first six months

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Why Clients Trust Us Over Other Cybersecurity Firms

“Since we began our association with Technology Advisory Group we have found them to be professional, responsive and easy to work with – providing us excellent value for the dollars we have spent. Thanks to Technology Advisory Group, we now have control over our computer system – it doesn’t control us.”



“We are a small agency and do not have an in-house IT department. Technology Advisory Group serves in that role for us and has been very responsive to our needs. They identify issues promptly and provide timely and appropriate solutions. TAG is a great technology partner for our organization.”



“I just wanted to thank you for your immediate response to my request for the restoration of a directory that was essential to our business operation.”



“Service is excellent! We are a small customer and are still given immediate attention.”



“Usually when we need help it’s important to us, and the response from TAG has always been excellent. All of the staff is extremely responsive and helpful, a pleasure working with all of you.”



“When it came time for the East Greenwich Yacht Club to replace their server, we obtained quotes from several vendors. We chose TAG as our IT partner because of the straight forward quote with no hidden costs and their thorough analysis of our existing system. The installation of the server and related software by the TAG tech person was seamless and follow up support is excellent. As a firm believer in you get what you pay for, TAG delivers professional and quality service and I would recommend any organization consider TAG as an IT partner.”



“The Providence Warwick CVB is a small agency and does not have an in-house IT department. Technology Advisory Group serves in that role for us and has been very responsive to our needs. They identify issues promptly and provide timely and appropriate solutions. TAG is a great technology partner for our organization.”



Why TAG is Among the Leading Local IT Security Companies

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Providing customer-focused cyber security services


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Technology Advisory Group

Cybersecurity in Worcester

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Experience the Benefits of Dependable Cyber Security Services

Dependable Cyber Defense You Deserve

Data breaches can cost your business as much as $4.45 million. That’s why you deserve protection that’s both dependable and proactive.

At TAG, our team protects over 1,500 endpoints for small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

Using a multi-layered approach that includes firewall protection and security training, we keep your business and data safe with:

  • Penetration testing
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Proactive security management
  • Advisory services from a vCIO/vCISO

Recover Safely and Swiftly

Did you know that downtime can cost your business at least $427 per minute? That’s a steep price to pay for being offline.

When disaster strikes, your recovery needs to be swift. As one of the most trusted cyber security firms, we protect you from natural and digital disasters, ransomware, service outages, and more.

We accomplish this with rapid incident responses and reliable off-site data backups that help you resume your normal operations as quickly as possible.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Your Network

Your computer network is the backbone of your business, and it requires advanced protection as a result. 

Our network security services give you a detailed look at your network to identify potential vulnerabilities. Using regular audits, we provide you with in-depth reporting that covers:

  • Email security
  • Cyber security management
  • Network security architecture
  • Internet use policy for your employees
  • And more

Identify and remediate network vulnerabilities before they can be exploited with our trustworthy cybersecurity services.

Step Up Your Digital Protection Strategy

Having a cybersecurity strategy in place is vital, as 60% of companies without one are forced to close after suffering data loss or a major cyber attack.

Partner with TAG and work with a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists who can help you develop and implement a robust strategy for your business that:

  • Identifies potential weaknesses
  • Includes comprehensive network audits
  • Educates your employees on security best practices
  • Ensures you comply with major security certifications

Your Freedom, Our Promise

Tired of rigid service contracts that don’t deliver on expectations? We understand that at TAG. That’s why we offer a 30-day opt-out clause after the first six months.

Gain peace of mind knowing that you’re not locked into a long-term commitment. When you partner with us, flexibility is more than a promise; it’s a reality.

Cyber Security Services You Can Bank On

Worcester Cyber Security Services

Enjoy Complete Coverage From One of the Top Local Cybersecurity Firms

Your digital protection is only as strong as the company that provides it. We understand that at TAG, which is why we are among the leading local IT security companies.

Work with our cybersecurity experts and benefit from:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Detailed assessments
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • And more

Enhance your protection today for a better tomorrow with customer-focused cyber security designed for small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

Improve Your Security Posture With a Top Cyber Security Company

Mitigate the latest cyber threats and attack vectors with our cybersecurity services.

Steer Clear of Costly Non-Compliance Issues

If your business operates within a highly regulated industry, you understand the importance of complying with key regulatory bodies and passing audits.

As one of the premier local cybersecurity firms, we help you achieve and maintain compliance with important standards, including:

  • PCI
  • NIST
  • CMMC
  • And more

Avoid fines, sanctions, and reputational damage with a cybersecurity company that specializes in compliance.

Cybersecurity in Worcester
Worcester Cyber Security Services

Ensure Your Employees Follow Cybersecurity Best Practices

Your company’s most important asset also represents its biggest cybersecurity threat. 

Many security issues are the direct cause of human error, leading to data theft, unauthorized access, ransomware attacks, and other threats.

We help you prevent these and other issues by educating your team on how to prevent them with in-depth training that covers:

  • Anti-phishing training
  • Email security best practices
  • Authentication strength strategies
  • And more

Improve your team’s cyber awareness with detailed training from our cyber security experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cybersecurity Services

What sets your cybersecurity services apart?

At TAG, our expertise isn’t limited to managing your cybersecurity; it’s about understanding your unique needs. 

Unlike other cyber security companies, we offer a holistic approach to digital protection.

We rely on a proactive approach that significantly reduces IT issues over time, and our dedicated vCIOs oversee each client to ensure smooth operations.

How does your cybersecurity company protect my business?

Our protection comes from a deep understanding of your business and its IT infrastructure.

TAG offers this and more. Through our reliable cybersecurity services, we ensure complete visibility of your network’s health and performance.

We regularly conduct in-person systems reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities and address them proactively.

With TAG, you’re not just receiving a service; you’re working with a trusted cybersecurity partner.

How do you continuously improve your cybersecurity services?

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our approach at TAG. We maintain regular, in-person system reviews, not just remote monitoring, to evaluate and enhance your IT performance. 

Our vCIOs work tirelessly to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats and integrate the latest technologies into your defense strategy. 

This way, we ensure your cybersecurity measures are never outdated and you’re always one step ahead. 

Unlike other local IT security companies, we see cybersecurity as a journey, not a destination.

How does your cybersecurity company handle disaster recovery?

We handle disaster recovery with a swift and safe approach. A dedicated vCIO works closely with you to ensure smooth recovery when disasters strike. 

Our extensive experience across multiple industries and long-term relationships with our clients prove our effectiveness in managing and mitigating IT disasters. 

Resume your workday faster when you partner with one of the top cybersecurity companies.

Can you tailor your cybersecurity services to suit my needs?

Absolutely. We recognize that every business is unique, and so are its cybersecurity needs. We provide a customized approach to our cybersecurity services. 

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of creating a customized support package, allowing them to manage their resources effectively and pay only for the services they need. 

This level of adaptability sets us apart from other cybersecurity companies.