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When it comes to technology, competition and specialization have created a wide range of choices for almost any IT solution. Therefore, your potential IT partner needs to be experienced and dedicated to creating a plan that works specifically for you. For many businesses in Southern New England, that means arranging some kind of joint partnership. The primary target of such a partnership is to manage the IT needs of the organization. TAG co-managed IT services will definitely meet all your expectations for a perfect partnership.


What You Should Know About Co-Managed IT Services

Benefits Of Co-Managed Services

Many businesses develop a proprietary internal software application to manage certain operational functions. These organizations may prefer that their staff continue to monitor this software. There are companies dealing with critical privacy issues, such as hospitals and HIPAA. Above all, they want to make sure only internal staff has access to confidential information. For these and other reasons, such organizations may believe that managed IT services will not work for their company.

However, internal IT staff often know better. Therefore, they regularly call upon IT professionals to provide routine assistance and non-routine problem-solving. Your team may not have the resources to maintain your internal software. Consequently, you need co-managed IT services to help colleagues manage Microsoft Teams connections, connect printers, and install application updates to prevent ransomware.

If this sounds like your company, you will benefit from a co-managed IT system.

Drawbacks To Consider

Frankly, many of the potential drawbacks come from service provider compatibility errors. For example, your company exclusively uses Microsoft 365. You need to select a service provider with expertise with that platform. If your enterprise is considered small, you may want to choose a co-managed services partner. It is committed to providing your particular firm with the best possible service. The last thing you need is to suffer through hours of downtime with a critical problem. Meanwhile, your contractor helps their major client with a slight inconvenience.

At Technology Advisory Group (TAG), we we treat every customer like our only client. That is why the testimonials from even our smallest partners report excellent service and immediate attention.

Hybrid Infrastructures

Over the past two decades, several industries have found compelling advantages in switching to Cloud-based infrastructures. In addition, Business continuity experts across the world regularly advise cloud-based backup systems. Providing that extra level of protection against loss is of paramount importance. Virtualization tools, both onsite and cloud-born, are also a growing trend within many industries.

Many users of virtual machines and cloud tools report that their operations are more stable and flexible than ever before. However, current staff might not be experts in these emerging technologies. So, many businesses opt for a co-management structure to preserve the expertise exclusive to dedicated IT professionals.

Details Matter

Like all technology solutions, co-management-management structures will not fit every company. Your co-management partner must be dedicated to assessing your operations and capabilities and creating a specialized joint plan for your enterprise. Whether you want a permanent workshare agreement or guidance during a migration or hardware purchase, TAG is your best asset. Contact us here to scheduled a free consultation!

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