What Can and Can’t Microsoft 365 Do?

Microsoft 365 offers unmatched productivity solutions for most organizations. It is the go-to suite for firms wanting to enhance their communication and productivity. 

What Can and Can’t Microsoft 365 Do?

Microsoft 365 offers unmatched productivity solutions for most organizations. It is the go-to suite for firms wanting to enhance their communication and productivity.  Let us explore what Microsoft 365 can and can’t do.

Word Processing

With Microsoft 365, you can use Microsoft Word to produce and edit your word documents. This is one of the most widely used Microsoft Office features. It offers users a wide array of editing options for font type and sizes, background colors, page layout, and spacing between lines and paragraphs, among others.

The inbuilt spelling and edit suggestions feature helps you to produce error-free documents. You also have a choice of the format you would like to save your document in when you process it on Microsoft word.

Presentation Preparation

If your work involves preparing and making presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is available for you on Microsoft 365. You can customize the format appearance of your slides.

You can also integrate your presentations with animation since PowerPoint allows animation during slide transitions. Besides, you can add photos, videos, illustrations, and audio clips to your presentation.

With both WordArt and SmartArt, you can make your presentation more visually appealing.


If you need to produce graphs, charts, and produce budgets, Microsoft spreadsheet will be accessible on Microsoft 365. The feature will also be helpful if you need to sort and store data.

It is an excellent tool for basic payroll management, calculating taxes and revenues, and forecasting future performances using charts and graphs. For most businesses, this is their basic accounting tool.

Enhanced Team Communication

Microsoft 365 comes with features that enhance seamless communication between teammates. This is especially great for teams working remotely as it removes the distance barrier by enabling to share information in real time. Here are some of the communication features that Microsoft 365 offers:

Microsoft Teams

This is a centralized communication tool that allows teams to chat, schedule meetings, stream videos, create work shifts and assignments, and share files. This reduces the number of Apps a team needs for these tasks. The tool secures your data and devices through data encryption and PINS to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

Outlook Email 

Most people are increasingly using chats for internal communication. However, email remains relevant when communicating to external stakeholders and sharing larger files to remote teams.

Outlook emails have a special symbol that directs recipients to read and respond as soon as they open their inboxes. This symbol helps the Outlook email to stand out so that the recipients can identify it from the many new mails in their inboxes. Sharing and attaching files from OneDrive is easier on Microsoft 365 Outlook.


This tool makes team collaboration significantly easy. It allows team members to create files and make them accessible to selected teammates or the entire organization.

Those who can access the information shared on SharePoint can make their comment, edit or share the same with those in their networks, depending on what they are authorized to do. This works well for remote teams working on a common project since each member can access the project and make their contribution to what their teammates have shared.

Improved Security

Microsoft 365 offers users better cybersecurity. This is significant, especially now that statistics point to an explosion in cybercrimes. When using and sharing files on Microsoft 365, the data is encrypted to limit unauthorized access. The

What Can’t Microsoft 365 Do?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based collaboration, productivity, and communication tool. Its access is therefore limited to users with strong internet connectivity. Users with weak connectivity may experience frequent downtimes when trying to access Microsoft 365.

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