Warwick, RI Non-Profit Organization Recruits TAG To Provide Managed IT Services in 2021

A growing non-profit organization from Warwick, RI was looking for a new managed IT provider to support their operations.

Warwick, RI Non-Profit Organization Recruits TAG To Provide Managed IT Services in 2021

A growing non-profit organization from Warwick, RI was looking for a new managed IT provider to support their operations. They had been with the same IT support contractor for some time but they had come to the conclusion that it was time to make a change. Luckily, they reached out to Technology Advisory Group and we quickly realized that we were the right team to serve as their new managed IT partner.

TAG Partners With Rhode Island Non-Proft To Provide Reliable IT Service & Support in 2021

The TAG team was contacted recently by a busy non-profit organization from Warwick, RI. Their team was on the hunt for a new IT service provider. They had been partnered with the same IT support contractor for years but as their organization continued to grow, they had decided it was time to enlist a new IT support partner. They wanted to recruit a team of reliable Rhode Island IT specialists to help them manage, secure, and maintain their IT infrastructure on a daily basis.

We immediately wanted to work with this client. Not only did they come to us with a clear idea of what they were looking for, but they also wanted strategic consultation from us about the best way to approach managed IT services for their organization. They knew they could enhance their operations with more robust IT support and they weren’t afraid to reach out to find the right provider. This was our kind of client.

The truth is, after being with the same IT provider for years, it can be hard to even think about making the switch. However, sometimes switching up your IT support can have major benefits. Maybe your current IT provider isn’t as reliable or responsive as you’d like or maybe your organization has just grown beyond your current IT provider’s support capacity. No matter the reason, if you feel like your IT support isn’t the right fit, it’s always a great idea to consider whether you might need a new and more fully-managed support solution.

The TAG specialty is fully-managed IT services in Rhode Island. We believe strongly that the best way for businesses of all shapes and sizes to optimize IT is to partner with a reliable and forwarding-thinking managed IT provider. We help countless Rhode Island businesses manage and maintain their IT infrastructures every day. Our entire mission is to take care of all the technical details behind the scenes so organizations can stay focused on their own business needs and goals. That’s why, when this Rhode Island non-profit reached out to us for help, we knew we could provide the strategic IT service and support they were missing.

We’ve decided to put together a short summary of our experience helping this Rhode Island non-profit optimize its approach to IT. We’ve included a breakdown of what they were looking for and how we rose to the occasion to meet and exceed their expectations. If your organization is looking for managed IT support in Rhode Island, take this article as your inspiration. TAG is always on standby, ready to help!

Warwick RI Nonprofit

The Situation: Why This Non-Profit Was Looking for a New IT Provider in Rhode Island

The great thing about this Rhode Island non-profit organization was they their management team came to us ready to make moves. They explained that they managed a small non-profit organization made up of about 80 team members across four Warwick, RI locations. They had been using the same IT company for many years, but lately, they had begun to think about making a change. Their current provider hadn’t done anything wrong, there just wasn’t enough strategic development going on.

Their organization was growing and they really believed it was time to modernize their approach to IT management. So, they decided to begin exploring other options and trying to find a local team of Rhode Island IT professionals who could serve as a reliable and strategic fully-managed IT support partner. They needed a team that could provide remote and on-site support as needed and someone who could serve as their technology vendor when they needed to purchase new hardware or software. They wanted a team of IT professionals who could serve as their one-stop IT support solution.

Here’s the kind of IT support this Rhode Island non-profit was looking for from TAG:

  • Initial consultation & systems review – Before anything else, they wanted us to come in for an initial consultation. They wanted us to develop a clear idea of what their organization was all about and why IT was such an invaluable resource for the work they do. They wanted us to understand their business mission and vision so that we could align their IT resources with those goals.
  • Remote and on-site technical support – Their current IT provider was providing remote support as well as 4 hours of on-site support every week. They needed a provider who could provide round-the-clock remote support and on-demand in-person support whenever it was required. Above all, they wanted to know that they had a team of IT specialists in their corner to help resolve any networking or IT issues that might come up.
  • Fully-managed IT services – They also wanted us to provide a fully-managed approach to IT service and support. Their current provider was good but didn’t provide the robust, hands-on support that this organization needed. They wanted to modernize and optimize their IT infrastructure to support their constantly-evolving organization and they wanted to make sure a team of IT professionals was keeping their IT resources consistently managed, monitored, and maintained.
  • Ongoing support partnership – Finally, they were looking for a managed IT service provider in Rhode Island that would serve as their long-term strategic support partner. They wanted us to stay on board with them for the long-haul to help them keep their IT infrastructure consistently strategic and up-to-date by providing regular consultation and guidance.

As we mentioned, this organization was on the hunt for a more reliable and robust approach to IT service and support. They conduct very important work every day and are truly heroes of the Rhode Island community. We wanted to support their mission and we knew they had come to the right team. The team at TAG was eager to get started and couldn’t wait to develop a managed IT strategy that would help this organization remain productive and growth-focused.

The Solution: Rhode Island Non-Profit Recruits TAG as Their Fully-Managed IT Partner

Here’s the thing. When it comes to providing IT support for a non-profit organization, cost-effectiveness has to be a top priority. This organization is focused on serving the community, not turning a profit. As such, their budget for IT service and support is much smaller than that of a large for-profit enterprise. So, they needed reliable and strategic IT support, but they needed it at the right price.

The team of Rhode Island IT professionals from TAG believes that with the right approach, robust managed IT strategies can be developed for non-profits while still respecting tight budget constraints. It’s all about getting creative and we knew that as soon as we got to know a bit more about this organization, we could develop an extremely cost-effective managed IT service arrangement that was fully aligned with their mission and vision.

Here’s the kind of robust IT support TAG committed to for this Rhode Island non-profit:

Initial Consultation & Infrastructure Review

Before anything else, we scheduled an initial consultation so that we could get to know this organization better and conduct a comprehensive review of its IT infrastructure. We talked with team members about their day-to-day operations and got a better idea of the organization’s mission and vision. We asked them what they liked about their current IT provider and where they felt they needed more support. We spent a lot of time developing a clear picture of how they wanted their organization to run every day and how they wanted IT to support those needs. Next, we reviewed their entire IT infrastructure from end-to-end to get an idea of what needed to be optimized and how.

IT Infrastructure Optimization 

Once we had all gotten to know each other and we had a chance to get the lay of the land, we got to work to optimize their IT infrastructure. We made sure all their devices and software applications were updated and synchronized. We consolidated their resources and made communication and collaboration more streamlined across their four locations. We worked to eliminate redundancies in a way that would boost productivity and overall systems efficiency. Finally, we worked to identify and patch security gaps and implemented entirely new layers of security that made any time, anywhere access more secure than ever before.

24/7 Remote Support & On-Site Technical Support As Needed 

Once their IT infrastructure had been fully overhauled and optimized, we explained that their team could count on us as their full-time IT support partner. No matter the issue, our team would be responsible for making sure their IT infrastructure was never on the fritz and that any issues that came up were resolved swiftly and efficiently. We explained that remote support would be available 24/7 and that they could always get in touch with one of our technicians if they needed it. We also let them know that if they needed boots on the ground, they could reach out to our team who would always remain on-call to support them.

Fully-Managed IT Service Package 

We also developed a detailed and fully-customized managed IT service strategy for this Rhode Island non-profit. We worked closely with them to create a cost-effective managed IT service package that would provide them with all the services they required and none that they didn’t. Above all, we made sure that with our fully-managed support, their IT infrastructure would remain consistently managed, monitored, and maintained. If they had questions about IT, we would be there to answer them. If something wasn’t working for them, we would be there to make a change. If they were worried about something happening in their system, we would be the ones to assess and solve the issue.

Long-Term Strategic IT Partnership 

Finally, we also wanted them to know that they could count on us as their long-term strategic IT partner. We respect this organization and the work they do, and for us, it is an honor to help them grow and succeed by providing strategic IT support. We explained that we plan to remain in their corner for the long-haul. If they need further upgrades to their system, we’ll be there to scale them up. If they have questions about new devices or IT solutions, we’ll be there to provide strategic consultation. If they want to start planning for the future now, we can help them implement strategic IT plans. Overall, they can count on us to be their informed and experienced partner when it comes to all things IT.

Is Your Organization Looking for IT Support in Rhode Island? TAG Is Here to Help!

Ever since we took over as the managed IT service and support partner for this Rhode Island non-profit, they’ve provided a lot of great feedback. Their team is more efficient than ever because their systems have been positioned for optimal performance. We keep a constant eye on their network and make sure to identify and resolve issues before they become problems. Their team has peace of mind knowing they can always reach out to us for support. We’re even in the process of developing some strategic innovations that will drive even higher levels of productivity and collaboration for their team.

If your Rhode Island non-profit organization is looking for a new IT provider please feel free to reach out to TAG anytime. Our team of IT specialists has what it takes to create an IT service and support strategy that is customized to meet the needs of your cost-conscious organization. We provide a unique combination of reliability and strategic planning to ensure you and your team are never wasting time worrying about tech issues. Looking for a cost-effective, fully-managed IT provider in Rhode Island? TAG is a click or call away.

Give us a call anytime at (401) 228-6400, drop us a line at [email protected], or visit our website www.techadvisory.com to book an initial consultation about IT support for Rhode Island non-profits in 2021.

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