Time To Switch IT Companies In Rhode Island?

Time To Switch IT Companies In Rhode Island?

Are you considering switching IT companies? Some signs can help you know when you should change IT companies. Learn how and when you should make the switch.

If you are reading this article, you may be wondering whether you should switch IT companies.

The right MSP can offer many benefits to your organization. It can help you enjoy IT support to achieve your goals, such as optimizing your operations, reducing costs, and protecting your company from cyberattacks.

The wrong partnership can deny you these benefits. It can cause frustrations, take up a significant portion of your resources, and keep you behind your competition. It may be time to switch IT companies. Knowing when you need the change can help you get the IT support you need to achieve your objectives.

Clients always ask Technology Advisory Group (TAG) when they should switch IT companies. TAG provides IT support to organizations. This article will help you discover when you should change IT companies.

Signs You Should Switch IT Companies

It can be the right time for your organization to switch IT companies if you experience these signs.

  • You Keep on Experiencing the Same Issues: Some IT challenges can be predictable, and your IT company can take measures to avoid them. You cannot prevent others. When you experience them, you expect the IT company to fix them. Does your network have recurring downtimes? Do some machines break down often? Having the same issues can be frustrating. The IT company can offer temporary solutions or no fixes, leading to these recurring problems. If your IT company does not address your issues, it may be time to switch IT companies.
  • Your Current IT Company Neglects Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a crucial part of the modern IT infrastructure. Keeping up with cybersecurity updates and threats can protect your network. Organizations that disregard cybersecurity fall victim to cyberattacks, which cost an average of over $1 million. They may also cause downtimes, damage the firm’s reputation, and loss of data. Does your IT company prioritize cybersecurity? You should engage your IT company to know their plans and protocols regarding the safety of your network. The company should help you draft cybersecurity protocols, train your employees, and install protection measures like antiviruses. If attackers breach your system, they should have a plan to restore your operations with minimum losses. If your IT company does not prioritize your cybersecurity, it may be time to change IT companies.
  • Your IT Company Keeps Upselling Their Products: You may need to contact your IT company. This desire can be because of an ongoing emergency, or you need clarifications. The IT company should provide active communication channels that you may use to reach them. Does your company help when you contact them? Some of your communications may not result in the expected outcomes. For example, the IT company may not offer solutions to your challenges or answer your questions. The company may use the exchange as an opportunity to promote some of their products. These occurrences can lead to additional frustrations or concerns. A good IT company knows they need to focus on making their clients happy.  If attempts to contact your IT company do not result in a productive engagement, you may need to change IT companies.
  • You Get Invoices With Hidden Fees: For a growing organization, you need to budget for most of your expenditures. A budget enables you to distribute your scarce resources. You prioritize functions, and any deviation may mean you sacrifice some areas. Your IT support expenses should be in your budget. Does your IT support charge hidden fees? The IT company may charge extra fees for various reasons. They may not have been clear on what their fees cover. The firm may have done some repairs or upgrades that triggered a charge without consulting you. These hidden fees can inconvenience you and make you sacrifice resources that you would have spent on other areas.If your IT company keeps sending you invoices with hidden expenses, it may be time to switch IT companies.
  • Your IT Company Changes Your IT Support Team: The experience of dealing with you or your IT infrastructure can be beneficial. The crew can know what you need and how to handle your IT setup. This familiarity saves the time a new group would need to learn your IT requirements.

Does your IT company keep changing the staff responsible for your IT support?

While regular changes may be beneficial, they can cause unnecessary disruptions if they happen too often. The team will need more time to learn your IT requirements. These changes can also show you the company has a high employee turnover, which can put their operations and future in jeopardy.

If your IT company often changes your IT support team, you may need to switch IT companies.

  • The IT Company Cannot Meet Your Changing Needs: Your IT needs always change. This change can be because you are growing and need additional IT support or extended security. The new requirements may mean your IT company does not keep up with your needs.

Does your IT company keep up with your needs? The IT company can struggle to keep with your needs. This ineptitude can be because they do not have enough resources or require you to get a new contract. The rates they offer the additional services you need may be higher than prevailing market prices.

If your IT company does not meet your changing needs, it may be time to switch IT companies.

Technology Advisory Group (TAG) provides reliable IT solutions in New England and Rhode Island. We offer various services, such as managed IT services, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and IT consulting services. We have experience of over two decades, providing customized solutions that help organizations achieve their objectives.

When you need to switch IT companies, we can help you avoid IT support failure risks. We can help you make the change successful in these ways.

  • Plan the change to avoid risks, such as service gaps, unidentified backdoors, and data loss.
  • Compare your IT company options to ensure you settle on the right choice.

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