How to Switch IT Companies in Rhode Island (Why/Steps)

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How to Switch IT Companies in Rhode Island (Why/Steps)

A breach or any urgent issue may cause the need to contact your managed IT company. You may not reach them, and this leads to avoidable losses, delays, or frustrations. Frustrations, when you want to reach your IT company, can make you want to switch IT firms.

Switching IT companies can present potential challenges that you need to address in advance. You need to plan the switch as IT support is crucial to your operations. Failure to plan the change may expose you to IT support failure risks.

Clients always ask Technology Advisory Group (TAG) how they should switch IT companies. TAG is a managed IT services company. This article will help you switch to a reliable IT support company.

Switching Rhode Island IT Companies

Signs That You Need to Switch IT Companies

Your IT company should support you to achieve your organizational goals. You may need to switch IT companies if your current partnership allows these things to happen.

  • You Didn’t Get A Fast Response When COVID-19 Hit: Maintaining business continuity when the pandemic forced everyone to work from home required fast action – did your IT company help you pivot to remote work?
  • You Experience the Same Issues: Your organization needs to leverage IT support to achieve its goals. Occurrences such as downtimes and slow speeds may affect your operations. If your current provider does not fix the problem, you may need to switch IT companies.
  • You Do Not Get Strategic Guidance: Many organizations are taking advantage of IT support to run their operations, and your company should not lag. The IT firm needs to always update you on developments that can optimize your business or opportunities you may exploit. If your current provider does not inform you of these changes and only focuses on selling you more products, you may need to switch IT companies.
  • You Keep Having Network Breaches: Scammers are always looking for vulnerable networks to attack and cause devastating losses, downtimes, and destroy their reputation. If your company is a victim of these scams and your current IT provider does not offer reliable solutions, you may need to switch IT companies.
  • You Keep Getting Unexpected Bills: As your organization grows, all expenses need to be within your budget. You know your IT expenses and plan for them in your budget. If the current IT support firm keeps sending you unexpected bills, you may need to switch IT companies. Their figures may include additional expenses that you did not have in your budget.
  • You Cannot Reach Your IT Firm: A reliable IT company needs to have active support channels. You should contact them when you need their services or guidance. If you cannot reach your current IT firm, you may need to switch IT companies.
  • Your IT Needs Have Changed: The IT needs of your business continue to change. For example, you may grow and need support for additional users of your network. If your IT company cannot keep up with these changes, you may need to switch IT companies.

Once you decide that you need to switch IT companies, you need a plan.

Problems You Could Encounter If You Switch IT Companies Without a Plan

If you switch IT companies without a plan, you may encounter these difficulties:

  1. Service Gaps: you may lack IT support as you transition. This occurrence can be because your new IT company is not familiar with your setup. Service gaps can interfere with your operations and cause losses.
  2. Choose the Wrong Company: if you are not careful, you may end up in a similar predicament to the one you had. The new company may cause the same or more frustrations.
  3. Missing Information: your outgoing IT company may sabotage your infrastructure. They may delete or steal some of your data.
  4. Unidentified Backdoors: you need to close all entry points, especially those your outgoing IT company used to access your system. If you do not close them, the firm may use its access to harm your business.

You may avoid most of these problems by having a plan for switching IT companies.

Signs of a Good IT Company

You need to switch to a good IT company to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation to the one you are escaping. A good IT company has the following signs:

  • The company has an excellent reputation with clients that share their experiences with prospects
  • It offers various services, including cloud solutions, cybersecurity, strategic planning, and network management
  • The company has knowledgeable technicians that have certifications in your technology setup
  • It prioritizes their obligations to you and exceeds their mandate by finding opportunities that can benefit your firm
  • The company has a business continuity plan that ensures your company will enjoy IT support after a disaster

Once you find a good IT company, you need to follow your plan.

Steps to Follow as You Switch IT Companies

You should follow these steps to ensure the switch is a success.

  1. You should not rush to cancel IT support from your outgoing provider.
  2. Get control of your network and data to avoid being a hostage for the outgoing firm.
  3. Get the documentation, backups, and login credentials.
  4. Do a comprehensive security assessment with the new IT company to close backdoors.
  5. Cancel the IT support services of your outgoing IT company.
  6. Inform your employees of the new protocols.

Following these steps will make the switch a success.

Benefits of Switching to Technology Advisory Group

Technology Advisory Group (TAG) is a leading managed IT company in New England. Our team of experts will help your business enjoy these benefits.

  • We Offer 24/7 Support: you do not have to worry about not reaching us when you need our services. We offer 24/7 support. You can contact us at any time, and we will listen to you. We will address all the issues you have without delays.
  • We Customize Our Solutions: we recognize that various businesses have diverse needs. Our team will analyze your firm and provide the help that you need. We also customize our support to fit your industry.
  • We Provide an Assortment of Services: we provide different IT services that your company needs. You can expect IT consulting services, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and managed IT services. All these services are at an affordable price.
  • We Have a Professional IT Team: our staff comprises some of the best employees in their fields. The personnel will ensure your company gets the best services it needs to excel.
  • We Offer Strategic Partnerships: the technology world is changing. New opportunities for your firm come up, and keeping up with them may challenge you. Do not worry, as we will keep you updated on these developments and continue to look for ways to leverage our IT support to achieve your goals.
  • We Offer Value for Money: you need your IT expenses to yield returns. TAG strives to ensure every amount you spend has tangible results. The ROI of our collaboration will be fantastic for your business.

Are You Ready for a Successful Switch of IT Companies?

Switching IT companies may be necessary for your business to grow. Contact Technology Advisory Group to find out how you can make the change a success.

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