Network intrusion prevention, malware protection, and data backup keep your systems safe, no matter what.


Security has become more important than ever, as crime runs rampant in the cybersphere with numerous company servers being breached and digital data being stolen for a ransom.

With TAG‘s state-of-the-art Security services, you can feel more confident that your business, reputation, employees, customers, facilities, and assets are safe from hackers.

We will create a robust security environment that not only protects your infrastructure but also streamlines your operations so you can quickly reach your goals.

With the expert guidance of our security consultants, you can cut out the redundancies in your processes, reduce costs, and make better technology investments for a more secured future.

The benefits of TAG’s Security service include:

  • Risk & Gap Assessment
  • Sensitive Data Inventory
  • Third Party Vendor Review
  • User Security Testing
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • User Security Training and Phishing tests
  • User permissions Review
  • Log Gathering and Management