Rhode Island Nonprofit Tags Technology Advisory Group for IT Consulting

TAG provides IT consulting and IT services to the Nonprofit community in Rhode Island. Call our team of IT specialists for an immediate proposal.

Rhode Island Nonprofit Tags Technology Advisory Group for IT Consulting

Software is expensive. Silos are frustrating. Software silos are both.

One of our favorite challenges at the Technology Advisory Group is working with companies to eradicate silos and expand the productivity and functionality of the software programs they have invested in.

When it’s a non-profit company we’re helping, it’s even better! We help them and they help others.

Rhode Island Nonprofit Tags Technology Advisory Group for IT Consulting

Software Strategy

Recently, an organization based in Rhode Island called us looking for help with creating connections between multiple software platforms. These programs are currently working well, but operating independently causing multiple data inputs and inefficient workflows.

Leadership and employees are frustrated and the IT staff feels there must be a better way.

The company’s software programs being utilized today include:

  • Salesforce as a CRM to track donors and clients
  • Sage as an ERP for financials
  • Constant Contact as an email manager for outbound communication
  • WordPress as a blog and website manager
  • Timber Scan for automated accounts payable services
  • Family Metrics as a social services management platform

This potential client has contracted with a trusted IT company for the day-to-day oversight and support services but needs help with high-level design and strategy.

The challenge is not unique as companies continue to invest in software packages. Enterprise software spending doubled in the decade between 2009 and 2019, eventually amounting to $458 billion.

And even though the negative economic impact brought by the coronavirus outbreak will affect this year’s spending, the strong growth is expected after the pandemic passes.

Streamlining Workflows

Software makes our jobs easier and helps our businesses run more efficiently. When software worsk together, even more simplification can take place.

Consider talking to an expert about how to maximize your software investments. A consultation with Technology Advisory Group will include:

  • A complete audit of software packages
  • Data platform considerations
  • Streamlining processes and procedures
  • Integrations between data sources
  • Employee training and education

Start your Digital Transformation

In the age of COVID-19, digital transformation is a driving force behind operating successfully. Not only has the crisis pushed companies to persist under unexpected circumstances, but the pressure to reach new heights of production and efficiency is profound.

Enabling your company to modernize systems, improve processes and leverage new technologies will help you evolve with this year’s technical revolution. Employees are beginning to expect improvements to happen quickly.

At TAG, we offer an effective and affordable way to ensure local companies are using the right technology for their needs. Our IT consulting services are tailored to your unique requirements and designed to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

Business leaders enjoy a more efficient environment. Employees can get more done with less and morale is improved across the board.

Plus, we do it all with a focus on adhering to your specific budgetary needs.

Let us help you get the most out of your IT investments. Schedule a no-obligation conversation or reach us by phone at 401-228-6400.

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