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Eliminate recurring outages and ensure you have access to the services you need when you need them.

Local Businesses Rely On Us for Network Support Services

Proactive Computer Network Support Trusted by 75+ Businesses

Ensure a reliable, scalable network with certified experts and networking support for cloud computing.

Why choose TAG for IT network support in Providence, Rhode Island?


Minimize recurring issues with monthly hands-on system reviews and a team with 25+ years of experience.


Rapidly resolve networking issues with emergency network support available to assist you after hours.


Rest assured your assets are secure with our cybersecurity expertise and proactive stance.


A-la-carte pricing options ensure that your business gets precisely the services it needs without the fluff.


Get total flexibility for your IT network support with a 30-day opt-out clause after your first six months.

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Why Clients Depend On Our Network Support Services

“Since we began our association with Technology Advisory Group we have found them to be professional, responsive and easy to work with – providing us excellent value for the dollars we have spent. Thanks to Technology Advisory Group, we now have control over our computer system – it doesn’t control us.”



“We are a small agency and do not have an in-house IT department. Technology Advisory Group serves in that role for us and has been very responsive to our needs. They identify issues promptly and provide timely and appropriate solutions. TAG is a great technology partner for our organization.”



“I just wanted to thank you for your immediate response to my request for the restoration of a directory that was essential to our business operation.”



“Service is excellent! We are a small customer and are still given immediate attention.”



“Usually when we need help it’s important to us, and the response from TAG has always been excellent. All of the staff is extremely responsive and helpful, a pleasure working with all of you.”



“When it came time for the East Greenwich Yacht Club to replace their server, we obtained quotes from several vendors. We chose TAG as our IT partner because of the straight forward quote with no hidden costs and their thorough analysis of our existing system. The installation of the server and related software by the TAG tech person was seamless and follow up support is excellent. As a firm believer in you get what you pay for, TAG delivers professional and quality service and I would recommend any organization consider TAG as an IT partner.”



“The Providence Warwick CVB is a small agency and does not have an in-house IT department. Technology Advisory Group serves in that role for us and has been very responsive to our needs. They identify issues promptly and provide timely and appropriate solutions. TAG is a great technology partner for our organization.”



Why TAG is a Leading Source for Computer Network Support

25+ Years

Providing quality network support services


Companies trust our computer network support specialists


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IT Network Support in Providence

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Five Pillars of Superior Network Support

Dedicated Network Support and Maintenance

Frequent IT hiccups? Wave goodbye to recurring issues. Dive into a world where proactive maintenance meets unparalleled reliability. 

Enjoy unmatched uptime with our robust strategies, driven by regular in-person system reviews. 

We assist with everything from local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) to internet and network appliances.

Elite Computer Network Consultants At Your Service

Struggling with network intricacies? Cut through the confusion. Unlock unparalleled guidance and leverage expertise that’s supported businesses for over 25 years.

Map out a strategic road to achieve not just short-term wins but long-term IT success. Let’s navigate the tech maze, ensuring each step aligns perfectly with your overarching business objectives.

Networking Support for Cloud Computing

You’ve set your sights on the cloud, and rightly so. With our hands-on approach, integrating cloud solutions is a breeze, bringing scalability to your fingertips. 

Delve into a partnership where our proactive reviews guide your business to achieve peak performance. Enjoy end-to-end support from a team that ensures seamless cloud integration.

Safeguard Data, Assets and Your People

Your network is the first line of defense against cyber threats, make sure it’s fit for purpose. 

Bolster your security with real-time security alerts, rapid incident response, and sophisticated disaster recovery planning. 

Maximize security without stifling your workflows. Rely on our cybersecurity professionals to develop security practices and policies that align with your operations.

Technical Support Services That Fit Your Needs

Stop juggling generic solutions. You deserve better. Enjoy unmatched value with network support that fits your business’s needs. 

Beat the burden of bundled services with a team that doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Pay for the services you need, never the ones you don’t with our a-la-carte pricing. It’s why we are the go-to partner for over 75 businesses across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

End-to-End Computer Network Support

IT Network Support in Providence

High Performance, High Reliability

Is your computer network dragging down your productivity? When downtime can cost upwards of $9,000 per minute, there’s not a moment to lose.

Experience a network that keeps up with your demands. Our computer network support specialists optimize your systems for both speed and stability. 

Say goodbye to frustrating lags and welcome consistent, smooth operations.

Most Businesses Underutilize and Overspend on IT Networks

Streamline costs, optimize systems with experienced computer network support specialists

Seamless Cloud Transition and Support

Moving to the cloud? We specialize in networking support for cloud computing that helps you succeed with your digital transformation without the headaches.

We ensure your cloud and on-premises systems work together seamlessly, providing flexibility without compromising security or performance.

Get the cloud support you need to resolve issues before they can impact your business when you partner with us for IT network support.

Network Support Services in Providence
Network Support Services in Providence

Proactive Maintenance, Fewer Disruptions

Don’t let technical issues halt your business. Our proactive network support and maintenance minimizes downtime, ensuring your operations run uninterrupted. 

  • Identify and fix gaps with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly on-site visits 
  • Receive prompt support with an advanced ticketing system
  • Speak to certified professionals and resolve issues fast

We identify potential issues before they become problems, keeping your business in constant motion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Network Support Services

What makes your computer network support unique?

When you think of computer network support in Providence, think of unparalleled excellence. We’re not just another support team; we are specialists who understand the unique demands of businesses in Providence.

With deep-rooted expertise and dedication, our approach ensures you always have robust and efficient systems at the helm. It’s why we are the go-to team for over 75 businesses.

How often do you recommend network support and maintenance checks?

Regular network support and maintenance is pivotal. We recommend periodic checks tailored to the unique demands of your business.

For instance, we perform monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly checks to evaluate your systems and ensure they perform reliably.

This proactive approach minimizes disruptions, ensuring you get the most out of your cloud services.

Are your services adaptable to various business scales?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering information technology support that scales with your ambitions.

Whether you’re a small team or a large business, our IT network support is tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our services help you avoid cost overruns by ensuring you only pay for the network support you need.

How do you ensure the security of our data during support?

Data security is paramount. Our team of computer network consultants employ state-of-the-art encryption protocols and best practices to ensure your sensitive data remains uncompromised.

We minimize the number of hands that handle your data, rely on proven technologies, and comply with industry standards to provide a high level of data security.

Can you handle advanced networking support for cloud computing integrations?

Cloud integrations can be intricate, but that’s where we thrive. Our prowess in networking support for cloud computing ensures that every integration, be it a hybrid approach or full cloud transition, is executed flawlessly. 

We don’t just integrate; we ensure that your operations become more efficient, secure, and scalable.