Does Your Rhode Island Business Need To Outsource IT Or Hiring An IT Staff?

Discover how outsourcing your IT services to the Technology Advisory Group is a better option versus hiring IT staff.

Whether to outsource or insource IT staff remains a vast subject most businesses are yet to understand and deliberate on. The question, which is better, will always come up. What do you know? Which one is more effective?

Research has shown that a majority of the vast 500 companies outsource mainly because they get the contract for a guaranteed outcome. They want minimal distractions while running and implementing their mission.

This is because IT functions like policy management, cloud storage, databases, backups, servers, and networks can get quite overwhelming and time-consuming. In fact, these tasks can easily overpower just be thinking about them.

Most businesses that end up struggling to maintain all these factors end up crumbling down either because of a lack of resources or unqualified IT personnel. Although there is undoubtedly a place to hire an IT staff in the right environment, outsourcing comes out to be more operational and cost-effective for the majority.

In this article, we will discuss the subject further and outline some useful solutions every business should consider. We will go a step further and tell you how a managed IT service company can help you out.

What Are The Solutions?

  • Subject matter expert: In today’s world, technology and all its concepts are changing very fast. Therefore, any business is tasked to create a breath of knowledge that will be able to handle all these aspects as they come. Let’s be honest, in such an era, we can’t be a jack of all trades. Specialization is key. For this reason, your company will always be in need of outsourced IT staff that will come in as subject matter experts. Unless you want to leave all the complicated details to a generalist, you will need to outsource for the best efforts possible.
  • Minimum distractions: Your business needs to remain current to all the latest IT trends and at the same time handle any other business proceedings with excellence. How can all these be implemented without anyone getting distracted? To avoid customizing a subject matter expert on the business rather than on technology, it becomes crucial to outsource an IT expert for specific responsibilities. This way, you can leave the intricate IT to your mature and strategic at heart expert as the rest of the team focus on other matters.
  • Minimize resources: Particularly in small businesses, outsourcing IT staff becomes more cost-effective compared to hiring IT staff. This is because, as mentioned earlier, you will need to hire an expert for every complex component for the best possible results. Take a small business made up of 5 – 50 employees, for example. It would be costly to hire a team of around 10 IT subject experts to keep the business running. Outsourcing becomes more operational for a guaranteed outcome.

How Can A Managed IT Services Company Help?

  • Reliable business foundation: The frame foundation of how IT operates, call it the commodity piece of IT, plays a significant role in the overall foundation of the business. It is continually changing, so it will take an R&D team to keep up with the dynamics. Unless you want to miss the foundation and make the whole house crumble, you will need the right IT outsource partner who can guarantee an outcome. One who will provide a guaranteed environment, so your business does not have to worry about it. Take the example of a business outsourcing a lawyer to create the foundations of their articles of incorporation and later get him going down the road after the operation. The same concept applies to IT. Outsource IT, put up the building block with the right design, infrastructure, and proper management, the foundation is well set.
  • Business growth and expansion: With so much to accomplish within the IT management, your business may get overwhelmed and strained if it has to manage all the other operations. A lot of time is required not to mention the high costs likely to be inquired by the business. A managed IT Services Company can quickly come in and help manage any complex IT operations for the business. In turn, this gives enough time for any IT inside the business to create more value, efficiencies, and, at the same time, cut down the costs required. Therefore, the business can focus on managing other essential matters that can quickly accelerate business growth and expansion.
  • Business stays relevant in today’s world: In today’s world, everything has gotten so sophisticated when it comes to technology. Now, there are different ranks of knowledge and expertise required at every level. To elaborate, if you take your vehicle to a dealership, the technician that is going to change your tires is not the same one who will replace the transmission. The two have different levels of knowledge and expertise. In the same way, it would uneducated to assume any staff can juggle all IT components and still remain relevant to the trends. The decision to outsource makes sure you bring in the best IT staff with the required level of knowledge and understanding. One that can run all the complex IT operations and keep your business relevant in today’s world.

Why Hire TAG As Your Outsourced IT Group In Rhode Island

Outsourced IT services allow a business to remain focused on essential business processes and operations. Consider it as an excellent way to eliminate distractions that could otherwise affect the growth of a business.

By outsourcing, IT services can be managed by a third party business with the priority of the contract being to optimize, develop, and improve the already existing services in the central business operations.

It also helps obtain premium services and skills, which is cheaper than employing the same capabilities within the main business.

Technology Advisory Group is a specialized managed IT services company offering a variety of services to organizations throughout New England and Rhode Island. In case of any enquires or concerns about outsourcing IT, they would be the best place to start.

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