TAG Provides Flexible And Committed IT Support To Our Partners

Business growth is a double-edged sword. Yes, success is great; more clients, more sales, more profits. That’s the goal, after all, right?

TAG Provides Flexible And Committed IT Support To Our Partners

Business growth is a double-edged sword. Yes, success is great; more clients, more sales, more profits. That’s the goal, after all, right?

But with growth comes growing pains. As you take on new clients, you need more staff to be able to service them. You need more resources for those staff members. You draw more greatly on the support services you use every day. If one part of that fragile system can’t keep up with your growth, you might have to turn new clients away or risk delivering a low-quality product or service to them.

One of the aspects that are most likely to fail you during your period of growth is IT. Every single part of your business depends on available, functioning IT; as you grow, your demand for IT does as well. What happens when your current IT support can no longer meet your needs? As your business’ leadership, you have to be prepared to make the transition to the next level of IT support – are you prepared to do so?

This was the case with one of our newest clients, a quickly growing investment firm that has steadily acquired more and more offices across the country. Over their time in business, they have grown from two offices and 45 staff members to 15 offices and well over 230 staff members working across the country. 

Do you think a single IT support provider could scale up services to support them as they grew to that degree? It’s not likely. 

When your organization outgrows its IT support, you will encounter several challenges:

  • Lack of knowledge and skill with larger IT environments, hardware, and software
  • Inability to respond to and address higher volume support requests
  • Inability to help plan for future growth

In the case of this investment firm, fortunately, both their leadership and their IT support provider saw the writing on the wall. They knew they would soon outpace the IT partner’s capabilities, and so, they ended the partnership amicably. The previous provider even helped them to evaluate potential successors – including TAG. 

The investment firm received referrals to TAG through several other third parties, and they eventually chose to partner with us for a few key reasons:

  • Flexibility: The investment firm’s leadership knew that to bring in their many offices across the country under one unified network, they would need to undergo some significant changes. They appreciated that we didn’t mandate and require a long list of projects from the start. While we did emphasize the initial necessary upgrades, we were also flexible in suggesting secondary and tertiary actions that would eventually need to be taken, but could wait without causing any issues.
  • Scale & Partnership: The investment firm enjoyed a close and effective relationship with their previous IT support provider, and they didn’t want to lose that when they scaled up. We’re not so large that the firm is lost in the numbers of a massive network of clients – they still enjoy personal, communicative support, and the business relationship is more like a partnership than a contract.
  • Trial By Fire: Not long after we started working with this investment firm, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While not an ideal time to learn about a client’s IT environment, our team rose to the challenge of both onboarding with the client and helping them pivot to a fully remote work model. Our commitment to both learning their systems and supporting their remote work was a powerful indicator of the future of our partnership.   

These qualities are all core aspects of TAG’s approach to service. We offer our IT expertise as guidance to our clients; we’re not interested in forcing one-size-fits-all services onto clients that differ greatly from one to the next. We get to know our clients, offer flexible solutions, and commit ourselves to providing the support that best meets their self-determined needs and goals.

Do you have that type of partnership with your IT support?

Whether you’ve outgrown your current IT services or are looking for a more flexible and even partnership, then get in touch with the TAG team today. Give us a chance to get to know your business, your IT challenges, and your goals for the future – we want to help. 

With our expert guidance, we can help you to plan and execute necessary upgrades to support your growth, allowing you to overcome the IT-based hurdles you’ve been struggling with. To get started, all you have to do is get in touch. 

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