How To Find Expert IT Support

How To Find Expert IT Support

Are you assuming that all IT companies are the same? I don’t blame you – given how many there are, and how cookie-cutter their approach to service can be, it probably feels that way.

The problem is that so many businesses accept inadequate IT support, because they assume there’s likely nothing all that much better out there. If you’re not satisfied with the one you currently have, it’s probably not worth you’re the time and effort it’ll take to find a new one. You’ll just encounter the same problems.

You Deserve A Higher Quality Of IT Support

As with any market, how could you expect the many, many options available to you to be the same? The fact is that they’re not – and not all IT companies are created equal. As you may have already noticed, firsthand.

Have you encountered any of these issues with your IT company?

  • You’re Waiting Too Long For Help: Every minute you or your staff can’t work because of an IT problem is a direct waste of your time and money. If your IT company isn’t responsive and prompt, then it’s not effective, simple as that. Don’t wait for any more than a couple of hours for a response and more than a day at most for a fix.
  • Solutions Don’t Last: Even if you don’t have to wait long to get a technician on-site, it’s not worth much to you if they just have to come back in a few days. Ineffective IT support often means applying a “band-aid” solution that doesn’t really get to the root of the problem. The problem is that while the hardware may work when you get it back from them, there’s no guarantee it’ll last for long. That means there’s no way of knowing how quickly you’ll have to call them again to come back and do the same thing.
  • Everyone Is Unhappy: If you can’t work as quickly or as effectively as you should be, it’s only a matter of time before that affects your customers’ experience. And there’s nothing worse than having to face an angry customer and tell them that it’s because your computers aren’t working right. Then there’s your staff – IT user experience is a big part of business culture these days. If your staff feels that they’re fighting against their computers in order to get their work done, morale will plummet. Staff members will get the impression that you don’t really care about them getting their work done. After all, if you did, wouldn’t you invest more in the tools they rely on every day?

How Can You Find Skilled IT Support?

Experience and skill can’t be bought or faked. The only way to get it is to put in the work and take the time. If an IT services company has the skills you’re looking for, they should be able to demonstrate.

Ask the following key questions when looking for truly skilled IT services:

  • Do You Stay Up To Date On Cybersecurity? Any skilled IT professional should stay up to date on the latest technology threats to help you avert security risks and data breaches and to help you comply with legal, health, financial, governmental, or other regulations.
  • Do You Help Plan IT? With technology changing so rapidly the answer is to use the IT services with the technical skills to handle anything that comes along – one who will get to know your business, help you decide what technology assets you require, and determine if you will get a positive return from them.
  • Do You Understand My Line Of Work? You don’t just deserve better than generic IT services – you need them. You shouldn’t accept anything less than a team that knows about the manufacturing industry. What your pain points are, what your primary line of business applications are, what the future of your industry is, etc. Make sure they know their stuff before you agree to work with them.
  • Will You Help Me Choose The Right IT? Purchasing technology solutions today requires expertise. Your IT services should align your technology with your short and long-term goals and help you develop a cost-effective technology budget, so you can predict IT expenses and stay within your spending allowances. IT services should provide procurement assistance, so you’ll always get the best prices on software and hardware. Plus, they should manage your IT projects from start to completion, identify your technology requirements, and ensure success as well as value.

Don’t bother with basic, unskilled IT services. You need real expertise and demonstrable skills to make sure you’re getting the best support for your business technology available to you – get in touch with the TAG team today to learn more.

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