The 6 Biggest Benefits of Managed IT Services

Finding an IT solution to fit your unique business can seem overwhelming. Legacy systems are in constant need of updating, and it can be confusing and time-consuming to migrate all your data to the cloud. From 2020-2021, cyber attacks increased by 15% and continue to rise, putting your business at constant risk. And in the […]

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Finding an IT solution to fit your unique business can seem overwhelming.

Legacy systems are in constant need of updating, and it can be confusing and time-consuming to migrate all your data to the cloud.

From 2020-2021, cyber attacks increased by 15% and continue to rise, putting your business at constant risk. And in the past two decades, power outages have doubled, wreaking havoc on tech infrastructure and causing many businesses to lose essential data.

With all these IT concerns and so many more, it’s essential to find the right IT service provider to protect your business. But is a managed services provider (MSP) really necessary? Are the benefits of managed IT services worth the investment? 

Before We Look at the Benefits of Managed IT Services…

Before we get into the benefits of managed IT services, let’s address why many businesses choose managed services instead of as-needed services. 

Also known as break/fix services, as-needed services are when a business only uses an IT company for well-defined, short-term projects. As-needed services may include a new technology rollout, a data loss emergency, or another IT problem that requires troubleshooting.

Dealing with Problems After the Fact 

The obvious problem with as-needed services is that the business waits until they encounter a problem before calling an IT services provider. 

By the time a tech issue reaches this late stage, it is often much more complicated, time-consuming and costly to rectify.

One of many managed services advantages is that providers conduct round-the-clock remote monitoring and maintenance to ensure that issues are dealt with preemptively. This type of approach avoids much bigger problems and lost work time.


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Wildly Escalating Costs 

As-needed service providers are notorious for charging exorbitant fees to fix IT issues.

Since there is no contract, and since the issue often proves to be more complicated than initially thought, costs can go through the roof very quickly. After the problem is addressed, the provider does not offer any additional support services. This means that if the issue reoccurs, or there is a follow-up issue, you are forced to pay again for another service.

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Why Are Managed Services Much Preferred Over Break/Fix Services? 

The break/fix service model has gotten less and less popular over the past few decades, due to its inherent problems.

The majority of businesses are moving toward managed IT services and reaping the long-term benefits. Business owners now have a better understanding of the importance of managed IT services.

Here are six of the biggest benefits of managed IT services:

1. Enjoy Predictable Low Costs 

One of the biggest managed IT services benefits is cost savings.

MSPs offer a variety of cost-effective services tailored to small, medium and large businesses. Their experts will assess your needs and come up with a managed services plan to meet your needs. Superior MSPs even offer highly customizable plans where you can choose exactly the services you require, so you’re not buying anything extra.

Deliverables are clearly laid out in your contract, so you know exactly what you are paying for. There are no hidden fees, and you won’t face the dreaded cost creep that often accompanies as-needed IT services.

2. Avoid Downtime with a Proactive Approach 

Constantly monitoring and managing your network prevents many IT issues before they happen.

An MSP’s advanced cybersecurity defenses and rapid response time keeps your network safe from threats at all times. Whenever a hacker tries to attack your system, the threat is immediately detected through proactive monitoring, reported and dealt with. Your data is safely backed up, and your systems always stay up to date.

3. Create Scalable Long Term IT Strategy 

One of the managed IT services advantages many business owners don’t think about in advance is IT consulting.

Yet, a tailored IT strategy can be very valuable over time. As your business grows, your IT needs change. Managed services are designed for long-term growth and offer built-in flexibility. An expert IT consultant will future-proof your business by regularly assessing your needs and ensuring that your business is set up for stability.


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4. Boost Staff Capabilities 

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Outsourcing your IT needs to an MSP enables your team to focus on other important business processes, instead of managing your IT infrastructure.

You won’t have to train employees on new skill sets to take on IT roles. By eliminating mundane daily tech tasks, employees can make more efficient use of their time and achieve higher output for core business projects.

5. Eliminate the Need for In-House IT Staff 

Finding qualified technicians to handle your IT is a challenge in itself, and also a huge expense. 

The average IT salary in the US is just below $100,000.

With an MSP taking care of IT services and support, there is no need to hire additional IT staff. You can allocate the budget that would have gone to a team of new employees to other essential areas of your business instead.

You also gain the knowledge and experience of a whole group of IT industry experts, instead of having to rely on just one or two in-house employees. Your MSP will also provide a dedicated project manager to be your point of contact, so your needs are always looked after.

6. Keep Your Business Prepared for Any Unforeseen Event 

Fire, flood, server crashes and other catastrophes can cripple a business.

With a managed services provider, you reduce the risk of losing your data in case of disaster. An MSP will constantly back up your data and store it securely off-site. Your important data will always be available to you, and safe from hackers.

importance of managed IT services.

How Can I Take Advantage of These Managed IT Services Benefits?

In order to gain the best managed IT benefits, you need a trustworthy and experienced managed services provider. 

Technology Advisory Group is a managed services company with over 25 years of experience. We provide IT strategy, implementation, support, cybersecurity, cloud computing and an entire suite of fully managed IT services.

TAG differs from other managed services providers in many key areas. We deliver the standard comprehensive remote support, but also offer regular in-person systems reviews. And since our customer satisfaction rates are so high, we confidently offer a 30-day opt-out clause.  

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of managed services, contact us today to discuss your IT options. Our friendly experts are happy to assess your needs and find a service plan that fits your business.

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