Unhappy With Your IT Company?

Are you currently relying on outsourced IT support? With the increasing advancements in technology, more small and medium companies are turning to outsourced IT solutions to keep up.

Are You Unhappy With Your IT Company? Signs It’s Time to Switch to a Better Service Provider

Are you currently relying on outsourced IT support? With the increasing advancements in technology, more small and medium companies are turning to outsourced IT solutions to keep up. These outsourced solutions offer businesses a lot of benefits and help them remain relevant and competitive in their respective industries.

Your IT support company plays a critical role in ensuring that your systems run efficiently and your business operations continue running smoothly. If they are not guaranteeing this efficiency, then it’s time to switch to another IT service provider.

Unhappy with current IT company

What are the Signs You Need to Change Your Current IT Support Provider?

Many companies find themselves unhappy with the services provided by their IT company. You may also find yourself in such a situation due to the following reasons:

  • The IT Support Provider Is Unable to Meet the IT Needs of Your Business: As you expand your business, the IT needs of your business change. If your IT support is unable to match up to your new IT needs due to inadequate resources, then it’s ideal to consult a different firm.
  • Your Company Gets Hidden Fees on Your Bills: Are you continually getting additional charges on your monthly bill? Your service provider may attribute this to upgrades and other services that you are not aware of. These additional charges are a sign that your IT company isn’t effectively communicating with you.
  • You Have Been Experiencing the Same Technical Hitches With No Long-Term Solution: You find yourself continually contacting your service provider to come and fix technical glitches that you’re not supposed to be experiencing.

Some of these issues may be sorted out by talking to your current IT company, forwarding your complaints, and amending your contract. However, switching IT companies is the ultimate solution to your dissatisfaction.

  • What About Your Existing Contract? Before switching IT companies, it is important to consider your contract with your current IT company. Does it give room for you to switch? Though a long-lasting relationship with your IT support provider may be beneficial, long-term contracts can be very restrictive. You might be forced to pay your current IT company till the deal expires or pay a cancellation fee.
  • Finding a New IT Company: Switching It companies may seem like a daunting task for many companies. However, it doesn’t need to be a challenge. The first step in switching IT companies is finding a new IT company that will adequately meet the needs of your company.

How Can You Ensure a Smooth Transitioning Process?

Once you’ve hired a new IT company that you’re satisfied with, transitioning to your new IT company is the next big step. To ensure a seamless transition, follow the following steps:

  • Get Full Control of Your Networks: When outsourcing IT support, your company is more dependent on your IT company. This is because they have high levels of jurisdiction over your entire systems, as most of your data is stored on their equipment. The first step in transitioning is ensuring you get full control over your networks and files.

If your current IT company is against your move, they may try to hold your data ransom by switching passwords and locking you out of your system. Once you have full control of your networks and have moved to a new IT support provider, change your passwords to prevent your previous IT company from accessing your systems.

  • Acquire All Your Company’s IT Documentation: It is vital to have administrative access to all your IT documentation when switching IT support companies. This documentation will include a list of log-in accounts, usernames, network diagrams, passwords, software, and hardware inventories.

Hand over this documentation to your new IT company to facilitate a smooth transition. This handover will help them understand your current IT situation, identify challenges you face, and implement permanent solutions.

The process can be simplified by asking your current IT support company to work hand in hand with the new one. This collaboration will enable your new team to understand how your systems work, though your current IT company may charge you.

  • Get Access to All Copies of Your Data Backups: Having a data backup system as you move your files from your previous IT company to your new one is essential in the transition process. This will give you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about losing data.

If your previous IT companies provided your company with a backup system, you should ensure that they give you all the copies. Having all your data backups will prevent a third party from having access to your data.

  • Have Your New IT Company Conduct an Extensive Security Assessment: Your new IT company should perform a thorough security assessment of your systems to help them identify system vulnerabilities and areas of risk.
  • Set up an Appropriate Transition Time: Set up an appropriate time to move house to prevent any additional fees you might incur from your current IT support provider if you transition before your contract expires.
  • Give Your Current IT Support Provider Notice: The final step of your transition is informing your current IT support provider that you are planning to switch companies. This notice will help them prepare for the move and make the process easier.

Some level of disruption is expected as you transition. Not everything will run as planned. Switching IT companies may at times be a hassle, but moving to a more reliable IT company is worth it.

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