Cloud Services

The Cloud’s cutting edge technology enhances productivity, mobility, and security; and could even reduce costs.


Technology Advisory Group’s Cloud Services combine innovative hosted infrastructure with aligned and all-inclusive I.T. services.

We offer more than just cloud storage solutions; we include a choice of platforms that can be accessed from anywhere with one password. Get integrated web-based access to all of your applications, data, email, file sharing, and collaborative tools -- all in one place.

Our solutions allow you to work just as easily with Windows-based applications as it does with web-based and SaaS.

In addition, we keep systems up to date, protected, and backed up with a dedicated support team.

Reasons to move to the cloud

  • Your business’s remote workforce needs reliable access to applications, email and data to perform their work
  • It’s a solution that addresses unpredictable growth in company size due to current and planned acquisitions
  • To avoid the cyclical capital costs that come with the continuous replacements of servers and systems which are inadequate, unstable and lack the proper support and maintenance
  • It offers infrastructure that is equally available to remote users and multiple locations with redundancy and high availability even in situations with regional weather events

Data Center Security

Security is a main concern for organizations switching to the cloud. That is why we ensure our data centers are as secure as possible. In addition to having security guards patrolling our facilities 24/7, our data centers are resistant to fire, water, earthquakes, and theft. Below are the minimum specifications for our facilities:

Access to the data center is restricted to authorized personnel by security guards and two-factor authentication that includes biometric scanners. All entrances and common areas are monitored 24/7 via closed-circuit cameras and recorded continuously.

At a minimum, all our facilities employ the following security features:

  • Staffed 24/7/365 with on-site security guards
  • Visitors identities are screened and verified upon entry before they are escorted to the appropriate locations
  • Doors are secured using biometric readers and pass codes
  • The building exterior is bulletproof and fully anonymous, with no windows or identifying marks
  • All entrances are protected with silent alarms and automatic notifications to authorities
  • Hi-resolution digital video cameras with archiving/retrieval capabilities monitor the vicinity
  • A dual-alarmed, dual-interlocked, multi-zoned, water-based, dry pipe fire protection system ensures an ideal environment
  • Sensory mechanisms (HSSD) are utilized to sample air and sound alarms prior to water pressurization
  • All data centers are above sea level and 500-year floodplains, have no basements, and are built with tightly sealed conduits and moisture barriers on the exterior walls
  • Every data center contains dedicated pump rooms, drainage/evacuation systems, and moisture detection sensors
  • Data centers are built to meet or exceed seismic design requirements of local building codes for lateral seismic design forces

The ability to provide exceptional business continuity and disaster recovery in our data centers far surpasses anything we can do for your organization. Our standard package data center solution includes backing up your data once a day with 30 days of retained increments, allowing us to restore different versions of lost files going back 30 days. A daily image of your entire infrastructure is stored in a different location from our data center to allow restoration due to equipment failure.

There are upgrades available to the standard package to maximize protection. The first option is to increase the number of times that your data is backed up. More frequent backups allow information to be more recent if you need to rely on that data in case disaster strikes.

The other option is to increase the number of data centers utilized. Backing up your data at a second geographic location protects against the possibility of a data center emergency or being unable to access a data center due to bad weather or other failures. Each data center is over 500 miles away and provides a second level of protection, as seen on the map.

Data can be replicated to the second data center on a custom schedule ranging from once a week to every four hours. The more frequent the replication occurs, the better your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).